About me

About me
Me, taking a bad 0.5 zoom selfie in Gatineau Park

Hi there! I’m an avid reader, bike commuter, and lifelong learner. This is my personal site, dedicated to my musings and interests. I love to think about risk, companies, infrastructure, and general vulnerabilities of society.


I’m very proud to say that I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (High Honours) from the University of Saskatchewan, where I wrote my honours thesis on how organizations are adapting to and understanding climate change risks to their supply chains.

I’m currently working on - with a hopeful convocation of June 2024 - a Master’s in (critical) Infrastructure Protection and International Security at Carleton University. There will hopefully be some future education ahead, but I’ll update this page when/if that happens.

Posts & Emails

As of right now, my aspiration with this website/blog is simply to have a place to organize my thoughts and produce some analysis outside of what I do for work. I love to think and understand problems, so having a space of my own to do so is something I welcome.

Eventually, this might turn into a place where I can post some longer form analysis and have a members section - for now, it’s simply my blog.

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