My favourite books of the pandemic era

Obviously, the Covid-19 Pandemic is no where close to being over – not worldwide, at least. Here in Canada, we’re fortunate – through decades of (neo-)colonial rule to have been one of the first in line for vaccine doses. That means, that while the pandemic is still raging in (basically every) other parts of the… Continue reading My favourite books of the pandemic era

Sapsucker Sparkling “Tree” Water Review

Note: I’m not being paid to do this. You can pay me if you’d like. Launched in 2015, Sapsucker is a Canadian brand of sparkling tree water, flavoured and sold as an alternative to major brands, such as Bubly (Pepsi), Aha (Coke), and La Croix. I’ve been meaning to try Sapsucker for a while; I… Continue reading Sapsucker Sparkling “Tree” Water Review